uMgungundlovu: through the eyes of the izinceku podcast

James Stuart was a colonial official and a prolific recorder of oral historical materials in Natal in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In the early 1900s, he recorded accounts of life in the Zulu capital, uMgungundlovu, from Lunguza kaMpukane, Thununu kaNonjiya , Ngidi kaMcikaziswa and Sivivi kaMaqungo. In 1925, Stuart published parts of these accounts in a school … Read more

The 500 Year Archive

A test version of the 500 Year Archive (500YA) is now available online for public use. The 500YA is a multi-institutional, cross-disciplinary digital project. It focuses on bringing together materials that are relevant to the southern African past before European colonialism, often referred to as precolonial history. The project aims to stimulate and support research and creative … Read more