Sandcastles: The New Art

Anyone who’s paid a visit to one of our local beaches over the past few years will have been lucky enough to see the incredible new art form that’s emerged from what was previously a largely unemployed population. The sandcastles built on our beaches, most notably along the pier of the uShaka Beach, really have taken the notion of the traditional sandcastle to a completely new height. With anything from local events (the 2010 World Cup) to Africa’s wildlife (with red marbles used for life-like crocodile eyes), the sand art created is truly awe-inspiring! And to acknowledge these great work of arts, as well as promote the upcoming International Union of Architects conference, an architecture-themed sandcastle competition will be taking place this Saturday at New Beach – registration is on the day and cash prizes are up for grabs. So if you consider yourself something of a sand master or just want to take part in the festivities then make sure your hit the beach this weekend! It’s sure to blow you away!

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