Soccer in Durban

We are currently collecting stories, photographs and information on the history of soccer in Durban.  Please contact us if you have anything you’d like to contribute to this category.

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Starting a Small Business

Many people in Umbumbulu are not working at the moment.   Some have decided to open their own small businesses so that they can earn money for food, clothing and other essentials.

The easiest business to open is a street-vendor one as all you need to have is a table on the side of the street.  Here you can sell fruit, sweets, fatkoek or fried-chips to the people who are passing by  This can be a steady income as people are buying stuff like this everyday but you must make sure that you sell a product that is in demand in that specific area and also something that not too many other people are selling.

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Heritage Day competition at Adams Mission

On the 24th of September 2009 there was a competition at Adams Mission. It was held to show people that they can participate in Heritage Day by celebrating their culture, so the Department of Arts and Culture organised a traditional dance competition.  There were two categories, ingoma and isishiyameni.

There were a number of participating groups but at the end of the day there had to be a winner.

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