Nqobile’s Stories: September

The do’s and don’t of Zulu weddings are one of our most popular topics on Ulwazi – we are constantly getting questions from brides-to-be regarding the proper procedures to be followed in respect of all the different elements that make up a traditional Zulu wedding. To add information to this ever-growing source last month Nqobile researched what happens to the wedding gifts in the case of feuding family members. Sometimes people don’t come to collect their gifts because of family conflicts, and while the bride and groom might be tempted to use the gifts themselves or give them to friends or other family members, it’s very important that they don’t. These gifts must be kept for their rightful owners if the bridal party want their wedding to be recognised by their ancestors.

Click on the link below to read the full Zulu version of this article, along with other stories that Nqobile wrote during the month of September:

Photograph courtesy of this website.

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