No Longer at This Address – From Point Road to Mahatma Ghandi Road

So named because it runs along the the narrow strip of land that borders the harbour, this is not the first time that Point Road has changed its identity. At one time, the whole section of the Point from Smith Street to the mouth of the bay was in the charge of the harbour authorities, and was named Scott Street after John Scott who was Lieutenant- Governer of Natal from 1856 to 1864.

Mahatma Ghandi remains an international icon of peace and freedom for all those who continue to battle injustice and prejudice. Born in Gujerat in 1869, he studied law in England and enrolled in the High Court of London before returning to India. A year later he came to South Africa, where he was instrumental in forming the South African Indian Congress. He was assasinated in 1948 by a Hindu fanatic.

Text and images formed part of the “No Longer at This Address” exhibition by Peter Machen

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