Moosa Moosa

By Nevani Nair
For as a long as Nelson Mandela was in jail – 27 years – Moosa Moosa – better known as Moosa – had to wait to re-establish his late father’s cinema empire after it was forced to shut down by the Group Areas Act.

Moosa took over the running of the Avalon Group – the oldest independent film group in the country – a few year’s after his father’s death. But the business was badly hit by the Group Areas Act because they were located in white areas and the family empire was reduced to ownership of just one cinema out of 19, Avalon Albert.

Moosa was born in Durban on 24 April 1943. He completed his matric at the prestigious Sastri College and later went on to study for a BA in Law through the University of South Africa. The Moosa family made their mark beyond business. They forged close relationships with many South African political and social leaders including Mahatma Gandhi.

Moosa Moosa himself has successfully resisted apartheid tyranny by keeping the family business afloat against great odds. He has also shown his mettle by expanding business and prospering under the new democratic dispensation. “We have won the fight for survival against what was inflicted upon my family during the times of apartheid,” he says without bitterness about the lost opportunities.

Moosa is slowly disengaging himself from professional life to immerse himself in humanitarian and philanthropic work helping the impoverished and those struck by tragedy to cope with life. He has helped financially with the upliftment of many communities around the world.

His son Aboobaker Moosa who will eventually take over the cinema empire is assisting him to run their multi-million rand business and also studying towards his B Com degree.

Facts courtesy of: AB Moola GroupViva South African Entrepreneurs: Peter Bagshaw

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