Miss Cultural SA

Miss Cultural SA calender 2012
Miss Cultural SA calendar 2012

This Saturday evening the Moses Mabhida Stadium will play host to Miss Indoni Cultural SA. But what sounds a like a beauty contest is actually the culmination of the Indoni Culture School, a moral regeneration programme that uses cultural and indigenous knowledge to try and bring about behavioural change in young boys and girls. The schools promote inter-cultural awareness and diversity, and try to instil a sense of  ‘umnqweno’ or passion for Africanism. The programme, which takes place over the school holidays across the provinces, includes talks and activities on a variety of cultural topics, including African drama, music, textile design, and languages. Most importantly, participants are encouraged to share what they’ve learned with other young people, thereby acting as role models for the youth of South Africa.

The culmination of this holiday programme is the national Miss Cultural SA which sees 12 different women showing off the unique attributes of their different cultures.

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