Mariannridge Senior Librarian: Patricia Clark


1 History
2 Education
3 Opening of the Library
4 Relationships within the community
5 Hopes for the future

Patricia Clark, a 52 year old coloured woman from Sydenham (Durban) is the Senior Librarian of the Mariannridge Municipal library and has worked in this library for thirty years. Patricia was born in Shallcross (Malvern) and then moved to Camperdown (Pietermaritzburg) to live on her grandfather, Douglas Miya’s farm. She moved to Sydenham (Durban) with her parents, Ralph Parkhouse and Elizabeth Miya.

Patricia Clark attended St Philaminas primary school and  Bechet College (Bechet High School). Patricia’s love for reading was encouraged by her library teacher Mrs Anderson, who she assisted in the Bechet School library. She studied for a Library Science degree at Unisa. Patricia  has been a Mariannridge librarian for 30 years. She says, “Being a librarian in this community has been a long road of learning.”

Opening of the Library
The first Mariannridge library was opened by Patricia Clark in 1980. This library was a “Parker” library which is a prefabricated structure situated on the concrete square below the Rainbow Crèche which is owned by Mrs. Elizabeth Rose. This library was so small that most of the activities had to be done on the square outside. In 1990 the library was moved to the current premises which are much larger.

Relationships within the community
Patricia has built a good relationship with the members of the Mariannridge community by working on various community development projects with them. She is currently working with two other librarians, Sharon Aziz and Chanel Wyte. She is loved by all the children as she always been there to encourage them through the years. She is proud to see the children that she has encouraged to read go on to excel in their chosen fields of work.

Hopes for the future
This lady has a love for the Mariannridge and hopes to continue to do community development projects after she retires. Her hope is that the community of Mariannridge remains as close knit as it has always been because that has been its biggest strength.

By Beverley Webster

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