Jerry’s Stories: January

Preparing and drying out freshly picked mutis
Preparing and drying out freshly picked mutis

Jerry is our resident expert when it comes to clan praises, but now and again a story will tempt him to stray from his research, and instead he provides us with a fascinating tale that makes your hair stand on end! Last month Jerry wrote about the potions that men use when they think that their fiancée or wife might be being unfaithful. According to legend an inyanga will mix a potion that includes the sperm from a dog, which the husband will then use on his partner, without her knowledge. If the wife or fiancée has sex with someone other than the husband the muthi will cause the two to be joined together (i.e. they won’t be able to separate their privates). The husband will come home to find his wife joined to another man, thus proving her infidelity. It’s said that this muthi is very dangerous and that one or both people can die before or after being separated, so it’s not to be taken light heartedly!

Click on the link below to read the full story as written by Jerry, along with other articles that Jerry researched during the month of January:

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