Izikhwepha zethu (Our Strength) exhibition

The Municipality’s Durban Art Gallery will be opening an exhibition to celebrate Women’s Day. It emphasises the strength used by women to shape society and their invaluable contribution in all areas of life.

The aim is to celebrate the legacy of women from the 1950s to date in redressing imbalances. It will also facilitate and communicate awareness to the viewers about social issues that affect society particularly women and children such as crime, rape, discrimination, disease, poverty, human trafficking and xenophobia.

Female and male artists from around KwaZulu-Natal are invited to participate. The exhibition involves a variety of artworks ranging from paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles, basketry, etc.

Durban Art Gallery Acting Director, Musa Mncwabe, said, ‘The exhibition also appreciates the contribution played by artists in the South African economy especially tourism as we noticed their role in the 2010 World Cup. Lastly, it is designed to promote, support and appreciate our local art and heritage and make it accessible to the public’.

The exhibition will open on August 6, at 17.00 pm at the Durban Art Gallery, 2nd Floor, Antony Lembede (Smith) Street at City Hall.

Also featured is the launch of a book, written by US born Nomusa Xaba an international storyteller and social activist. Workshops for adults and learners will be conducted during and after the exhibition from August to November 2010. The exhibition is curated by Phumzile Dlamini.

For more information contact Acting Director Musa Mncwabe, Durban Art Gallery on (031) 311 2264 or e-mail StrettonJ@durban.gov.za

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