Introducing Ulwazi Magazine: A Quarterly Publication for High School Learners

Ulwazi Magazine is proud to announce its launch as a new quarterly publication targeted towards young people between the ages of 13 and 19. With a focus on informative and inspiring content, Ulwazi Magazine aims to provide a source of information, education, and motivation for high school learners, while also serving as a platform for discussions about important topics.

Ulwazi Magazine covers a wide range of relevant and relatable content, including articles on careers, bullying, mental health, body image, social issues such as gender-based violence and crime, entrepreneurship, stories about former students who have succeeded, music, sports, and much more. The magazine also includes interactive elements such as quizzes, puzzles, and games, as well as reader submissions, such as letters, poetry, artwork, and photographs, to encourage reader engagement.

One of the unique features of Ulwazi Magazine is its specific focus on topics that are relevant to high school learners. The magazine understands the challenges and experiences that young people face during their teenage years, and aims to provide them with valuable information and insights to help them navigate this exciting and challenging time in their lives.

The print edition of Ulwazi Magazine will be distributed for free to 10,000 high school learners in Umlazi on a quarterly basis (once a term), with deliveries expected in March, June, September, and November. In addition to the print version, Ulwazi Magazine will also have a strong online presence through its website and social media accounts, making the content easily accessible to young people beyond the print version’s target audience. The website will also offer exclusive content and interactive features that are not available in the print version, providing additional value to its readers.

“We are excited to launch Ulwazi Magazine and provide a platform for high school learners to access relevant and relatable content,” said the team behind Ulwazi Magazine. “We believe that by offering a mix of fun and educational content, we can help young people make informed decisions about their lives and future. We are committed to empowering and inspiring high school learners through Ulwazi Magazine, and we look forward to engaging with our readers both in print and online.”

Ulwazi Magazine is a valuable resource for high school learners, offering informative and inspiring content that is tailored to their unique experiences and challenges. With its print and online presence, Ulwazi Magazine aims to reach a wide audience of young people and provide them with a source of information, education, and motivation. For more information, visit the Ulwazi Magazine website at or follow them on social media @ulwazimagazine.