Indlovukazi Yami

In honour of women’s day, a poem about a mother by Zothani Msomi.


From the womb;

She would’ve thought it was a tomb

Ngoba ngabe ngithulise okwesdumbu.

When she touched her belly,

I’d move.

After all, she is my mommy

And I’d only want to improve her mood.


To birth,

I’d cry just to alert her I’m alive.

At her first beautiful glance,

I’d give her my biggest smile.

During the day, she’d be super busy

Kodwa ubsuku bakhe buyobe bunjenge njwayelo

Because I’d want to be sleepy.


I’d help her help me!

Sengisho uma eseng’sukumisa,

Lapho sek’fanele ng’cathule

Ngisho lapho seng’culelwa k’thiwa “hheda”.


I’d say the words she wants to hear,

Ones that make her shed a tear

…So sweet and cashmere.

“Mama” would totally be the first.

“Ngyak’thanda” would be a regular.

To that, I’d want her to burst

To what I love most, her laughter.


Top grades

Throughout my grades.

At parents’ meetings,

She’d be the happiest

From their beginnings

To their endings.


Now I want her treasure to be unique

One that will not bring any critique.

A piece of newspaper!

One that she would doubtlessly brag about

For I want it to be because of her daughter

That she is extremely proud!



-Zothani Msomi

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