Get Your Dance On!

So while it’s not strictly about indigenous knowledge, the non-profit organisation, Life Choices, is about bettering the lives of South Africans, and that’s definitely worth writing about! Sadly the organisation, which works primarily with youth in the Western Cape has hit hard times, and in an effort to keep things running they’ve launched the ‘You Decide’ campaign, which puts the decision in the hands of all South Africans – you get to decide whether they live to see another day!

And what a positive way to set about raising funds – instead of simply asking for a handout the team have come up with the ‘Happy Dance’ which they are hoping that people will learn via their YouTube video. The idea is that people donate R20, teach themselves the moves, and then dance en masse on the 29th November at 10h30 – wherever they happen to be at the time!

So why not help South Africans to help themselves and have a laugh at the same time? Donations can be made via Computicket or through the Life Choices website.

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