Gambit The Dolphin, Making Waves!

Gambit the Dolphin was a true South African icon and a legend in his own right. He has helped to inspire millions of people to care for the ocean. Gambit was brought to Durban from Namibia in 1976 at the age of five and spent the past four decades educating the public about how they can do their bit to protect the environment and the world’s oceans. Sadly, he passed away last year on 20th April 2020.

Some Gambit facts:

  • Gambit was named after Mike Gambit, the secret agent in the hit ’70s TV show, The New Avengers
  • Gambit is believed to have been the largest bottlenose dolphin in any oceanarium in the world. His average weight was around 490kg and he was 3.65m long.
  • Gambit was father to five and grandfather to one of the uShaka Sea World dolphins.
  • He could eat up to 20kg of food a day.

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