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One of the artworks on display at 'A Collection Unearthed', DAG, 5 Oct-19 Nov 2017
One of the artworks on display at ‘A Collection Unearthed’, DAG, 5 Oct-19 Nov 2017

Durban is currently playing host to two wonderful art exhibitions. The first opened at the Durban Art Gallery earlier this month, with Acting Head of Arts and Culture, Mr Mpumelelo Mnguni, officiating the opening. Entitled A Collection Unearthed, the exhibition is comprised of a variety of KwaZulu-Natal artworks that the gallery has collected over the years. If you haven’t paid a visit to City Hall in a while, now’s your chance to experience the grandeur of this iconic Durban building, while taking in the immense talent that our province has to offer!

Ufafa Valley is the title of a textile exhibition that opens at the KZNSA Gallery this evening. The result of a year long development project funded by Rotary Global Grant, ‘Ufafa Valley’ is the new name of Woza Moya’s crafting division.

Woza Moya was established in 2000 in response to the devastating impact of HIV/Aids on the region of Ixopo. Part of a holistic approach which includes providing child care, hygiene and sanitation education, and feeding schemes, the Woza Moya programme also helps local women generate sustainable livelihoods through the crafts they create. The newly developed fabrics that make up the ‘Ufafa Valley’ range, is an extension of the Woza Moya programme, and an effort to further improve the lives of the families living in Ixopo.

The exhibition, which will remain open until Sunday the 29th October, will feature enormous fabric drapes, alongside portrait photographs of the various Woza Moya embroiderers, knitters and crafters.

For more information visit the respective Facebook pages of DAG and the KZNSA.


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