Early 20th Century Public Transport in Durban

Durban had a tramway system that linked different areas to the town centre. The trams for Musgrave Road, Umbilo, Toll Gate and Overport departed from the corner of Gardiner and West Street, next to the Post Office. The trams to Marriot Road, Stamford Hill and Umgeni left from the opposite side of the road while the trams for the Beach and the Point areas started from Gardiner Street outside the Post Office.

Durban Train Station

In those days children all went to school by tram, using season’s tickets which were coloured pink, blue, green or yellow for the four school terms. They were bought at the tramway office which used to be next to the Post Office but later demolished to make way for extensions to the Post Office. The tickets, printed on 8×5 cm linen-backed cards and costing 25c, were supposed to be worn in the school hatband or pasted inside one’s school case.

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