Daisy Dumakude’s African Disco Soul Triumph

Great article on this Durban Living Legend‘s musical career:

Some artists who left South Africa in the ‘dark days’ found themselves in the right place at the right time, while equally talented others just did not get the breaks they should have. Here is a great album, but allow me to introduce you to a great person too!

A French pressing of this rather extraordinary African disco soul album is hotly pursued worldwide by vinyl collectors who know. Here is the 1977 original South African pressing.

Sure, Daisy Dumakude has been very successful, gracing the stages of Broadway, associated with multiple productions, including the Lion King, Sarafina, singing solo in the movies “Cry Freedom” and “Power of One”. But, just listen to this powerful and beautiful voice and tell me why she was not at least as big as Letta Mbulu?  Perhaps she found herself in the ‘right place’ at the ‘wrong time’, arriving in New York more than a decade later?

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