Ekhaya Multi Art Centre (E-MAC) is definitely “the home of art, the home of creative people” because of the creativity that is found within this art centre.

Book on food insecurity in Umbumbulu

A UKZN academic and an honorary professor have co-edited and published a book that focuses on and addresses food insecurity in the Umbumbulu community, south of Durban.

The book, titled: Does Food Security Improve When Small Holders Access a Niche Market? Lessons from the Embo Community in South Africa, is edited by the Academic Programme Co-ordinator from the African Centre for Food Security, Professor Sheryl Hendriks, and Professor Michael C Lyne.

The book presents the results of a food security research project funded by the Ford Foundation.

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Imagine Durban: New call for Demonstration Projects

The Imagine Durban Project is pleased to announce a new call for demonstration projects.   Three separate project categories have been identified for this call: Project Category One:  Schools and Food Security – R100,000 allocation Food Security has become an increasingly important issue both globally and within South Africa.  Nationally many government departments and non-government organisations … Read more

South African Traditional Healers

Zulu people believe in two distinct types of traditional healers, inyanga, who specialises in herbal medicines and potions; and isangoma, who uses divination, mediumship, and what might be termed “psychic healing” to assist their clients. Traditional Medicine Garden In South Africa, traditional medicine is recognised but many medical aid societies. There is even a traditional medicine or … Read more

Mlu Zondi – Dancer, Performance Artist

34-year old Durban born-and-bred Mlu Zondi is the 2010 Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner for dance. This dynamic, out-of-the-box performer moves seamlessly between the stage, gallery and public spaces, and challenges the boundaries of the dance discipline with his cutting edge performance art, video and multimedia installations. “As a young artist, winning this award … Read more

October Submissions

Some fascinating new submissions from our volunteer fieldworkers: Isigubhu‎ Zulu clothing‎ Inkawu nobhanana‎ Fetching water from the river