South African Traditional Healers

Zulu people believe in two distinct types of traditional healers, inyanga, who specialises in herbal medicines and potions; and isangoma, who uses divination, mediumship, and what might be termed “psychic healing” to assist their clients. Traditional Medicine Garden In South Africa, traditional medicine is recognised but many medical aid societies. There is even a traditional medicine or … Read more

Mlu Zondi – Dancer, Performance Artist

34-year old Durban born-and-bred Mlu Zondi is the 2010 Standard Bank Young Artist Award winner for dance. This dynamic, out-of-the-box performer moves seamlessly between the stage, gallery and public spaces, and challenges the boundaries of the dance discipline with his cutting edge performance art, video and multimedia installations. “As a young artist, winning this award … Read more

October Submissions

Some fascinating new submissions from our volunteer fieldworkers: Isigubhu‎ Zulu clothing‎ Inkawu nobhanana‎ Fetching water from the river

Turning to traditional medicines in fight against malaria

Encouraging the use of traditional African herbal medicines could prevent some of the one million malarial deaths on the continent, according to specialists attending a conference in Nairobi. Many poor communities, especially in rural settings, cannot afford modern malarial drugs and many people die due to inaccessibility of treatment.

“Malaria kills many people in Africa, both children and adults, despite the availability of free treatment in certain African countries. While it is true many governments in Africa, with development partners, give free paediatric treatment for malaria, many still cannot access this facilities and resort to home treatment,” says Merlin Wilcox of the Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods and the University of Oxford.

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Indigenous Knowledge Systems Expo opens in Limpopo

An Indigenous Knowledge System Expo has opened in Limpopo to help raise public awareness and understanding of IKS in South Africa.

The four-day expo, which kicked-off today, will bring together innovators and crafters to demonstrate the economic value of products based on indigenous knowledge and technology.

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Limpopo commended for indigenous knowledge partnerships

Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor has praised Limpopo for forging a partnership to reinforce a shared vision of building on indigenous knowledge for future generations.

The partnership includes the Limpopo Department of Agriculture, Prolinnova – an NGO-initiated programme – to build a global learning network to promote local innovation in ecologically-oriented agriculture – and the University of Limpopo.

“This partnership is an attempt to build capacity in rural communities and aims to eliminate poverty through integrated rural development programmes based on the indigenous knowledge of the community,” said Pandor at an Indigenous Expo, on Tuesday.

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