Farewell Square

The Farewell Square which is also known as Luthuli Square is located just west of the Durban City Hall. The Farewell Square is named after Lieutenant Francis Farewell who was instrumental in the decision to establish a permanent trading post in  Port Natal (Durban) and persuading a number of white settlers join him. The square is located just west of … Read more

Inanda dam

Contents 1 Inanda Dam 2 Okutholaka Kulendawo 3 Ukuhlanzwa kwamanzi 4 English Summary 5 Attractions Inanda Dam UNelisiwe Hlongwane uxoxisane noMnumzane Paulose Gwala no Mnumzane Gerald. Inanda Dam resort entranceUMnumzane Gwala wakhulela  kulendawo. UMnumzane Gerald usebenza eMsinsi uye osixoxele ngalendawo futhi uye osiza labo abasuke befuna ukuzobona indawo. Inanda Dam lise Valley of 1000 Hills uma … Read more

Inanda Seminary

Inanda Seminary, founded by the American Board of Missions (ABM) in 1869 forms an integral part of the history of Inanda. Situated 25 kilometres north west of Durban, it became the first secondary school exclusively for African girls in southern Africa. Its reputation grew rapidly and the school soon attracted students from across the continent. … Read more

Juma Musjid Mosque

The world renowned Juma Musjid Mosque in Grey Street, Durban was built in circa 1880 by Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri, the first Indian trader in Durban.  In 1884 it was expanded to accommodate 200 prayer mats and presently can accommodate about 6000 worshippers. It is believed to be the largest mosque in the southern hemisphere. Image courtesy SA Venues

Inanda Newtown A

In the late 1970’s, where Inanda Newtown A is located today, used to be a sugar cane plantation. Ematendeni (tents) was the name given to the place after communities were given tents for shelter by G.G. Company in 1980. For some families those tents were not big enough so they decided to build their own … Read more

City Hall

Durban’s City Hall, home of the eThekwini Municipality, was designed by Stanley Hudson in the Modern Renaissance style and was completed in 1910.  It measures over 50m from the street level to the top of the dome and is made of stone up to the first cornice and, thereafter, cement and plaster. The stone was … Read more