100 Great African Kings and Queens

Monarchies have fascinated us for centuries – the English are somewhat obsessed with the Royal Family, and closer to home, the story of King Shaka and the legendary tales that surround him, will never die. So it’s no surprise that a book based on Africa’s Royalties is getting a bit of attention! Ghanaian-born Pusch Commey, who now resides in South Africa, is the author of 100 Great African Kings and Queens, which will be published in a series of ten volumes. The books form part of the Real African Writers (RAW) Children’s Series, and according to reviews “read like a good thriller”! With tales of Cleopatra’s silver oars, Shaka’s infamous military tactics – “Never leave an enemy behind” – and the opulent wealth of Mali’s Mansa Musa, 100 Great African Kings and Queens is sure to entice young minds, encouraging children to show an interest in local history.

Visit www.amazon.com to buy an e-version of the book, or hard copies are available at all good book stores.

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