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The Kavady Festival in Durban

Contents 1 Background 2 The significance of the Kavady Festival 3 The observation of the festival 4 IsiZulu Summary 4.1 Okwenzeka ngaphambi kokuqala kwalomcimbi Background Ever year thousands of Hindus gather around temples in Durban to observe the Kavady Festival in worship of Lord Muruga, a deity in Hinduism. It is a Hindu festival and […]

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The Isipingo Temple Hindu Pilgrimage

The celebration of Easter is generally associated and related to the people of Christian faith, however in Durban with our mixed cultures of diversity, Easter also marks an important period for local Durban Hindus. It is referred to as an annual pilgrimage and brings hundreds of Hindus together to pay homage to the deity Goddess […]

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Hare Krishna Temple in Chatsworth

Contents 1 The location of the temple 2 The architecture of the temple 3 The purpose of the temple 4 Krishna consciousness The location of the temple The Hare Krishna temple, known as the Sri Radhanath Temple of Understanding is found in the largely Indian area of Chatsworth roughly 20 kilometres south of the city […]

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The worship of dead in Durban

Offerings to the dead The worship and tribute to the dead especially our loved ones is a patriotic act that runs across all cultures and tradition through out the world. Durban is home to various cultures with their own unique ways of paying tribute to the dead, the souls that have passed on. However, different […]

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