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Vades: An Indian Savoury

Vades is an Indian savoury dish that was carried over through generations by the Indian settlers in Durban from their motherland India. People are defined in their culture by the food they eat and the ability to preserve their culture lies in their ways of living. Vades is predominately a South Indian prayer dish, a […]

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The Largest Hanuman Statue in Chatsworth, Durban and the Hanuman Prayer

The suburb of Chatsworth in Durban is home to a majority Indian population. To accommodate their culture and rich heritage, they have set up landmarks which have now become popular tourist attractions. From the time they settled in Durban, they have created their own modes of adaptation, mainly the formation of temples to revive their […]

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The Kavady Festival in Durban

Contents 1 Background 2 The significance of the Kavady Festival 3 The observation of the festival 4 IsiZulu Summary 4.1 Okwenzeka ngaphambi kokuqala kwalomcimbi Background Ever year thousands of Hindus gather around temples in Durban to observe the Kavady Festival in worship of Lord Muruga, a deity in Hinduism. It is a Hindu festival and […]

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The Isipingo Temple Hindu Pilgrimage

The celebration of Easter is generally associated and related to the people of Christian faith, however in Durban with our mixed cultures of diversity, Easter also marks an important period for local Durban Hindus. It is referred to as an annual pilgrimage and brings hundreds of Hindus together to pay homage to the deity Goddess […]

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The Coming of Age for Hindu Girls in Durban

The transition from childhood to adulthood in any culture is a reason to celebrate, although different cultures may do so in ways they deem fit according to their beliefs and value systems. The cultural beliefs and practices of our society are what makes us unique and what give us an identity. The starting of a […]

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Soji Recipe (Semolina Pudding): Traditional Indian Dessert

Soji or semolina pudding is a traditional Durban Indian dish that is made and served as a dessert. It is sold in local Indian restaurants or it can be prepared at home. The preparation of soji can be done by both men and women and is generally not used as a particular offering to Hindu […]

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