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Move over Gqom, here comes Amapiano!

It seems that the highveld is giving the east coast a run for its money, with Pretoria-born amapiano music starting to edge onto dance floors that were previously littered with bhenga dancers grooving to gqom tunes! Gqom, an edgy style of music that originated in Durban’s townships, seems to be making way for the more […]

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A Colourful Feast!

Earlier on we talked about a recently launched online South African dictionary, Mzansi Taal, which not only provides definitions of local lingo, but through its choice of words and sayings, offers a unique perspective of South African culture. A great example of this is the inclusion of the phrase, “seven colours”. To outsiders these words […]

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Mzansi Taal

Being the multicultural mixing pot that it is, South Africa has more than its fair share of colloquialisms that to an outsider would sound a little peculiar! Over the years we’ve written a number of articles on the different isiZulu slang words that have entered popular culture, but now there’s a one-stop shop which includes […]

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An albino maiden poses with other young women in advance of the Zulu Zulu Reed Dance

Ulwazi Fieldworkers: December

While all eyes are on Africa and talk of an African Renaissance abounds, there are still many naysayers out there who view African customs and traditions as archaic or primitive. This month Nkosikhona Duma set about debunking some of the myths, and correcting the inaccuracies that surround issues such as traditional healers, and the early development of […]

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Ukhisimusi Omuhle!

It’s that time of the year again when we wish all of our Ulwazi followers uKhisimusi omuhle nonyaka omusha omuhle! Thank you for the support you’ve shown us this year – our tenth year of running the Ulwazi Programme – it’s been an amazing journey! A blessed holiday to our Ulwazi family. We will see […]

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