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Community Questions / Imibuzo Yabantu

Below are the some of the questions that Ulwazi has received over the past month or two. Please feel free to contribute any information you might have in the comments section below, by first staying the question number, and then your answer/s. The more people who contribute to the discussion, the more our knowledge will […]

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King Cetshwayo wearing western dress and his isicoco head-ring, London 1882

No Longer at This Address

King Cetshwayo kaMpande, after whom Jan Smuts Highway in Durban is now named, is considered to be the last king of an independent Zulu kingdom. Apparently standing at nearly two metres tall, and weighing in excess of 150kgs, Cetshwayo showed his might by first taking control of his father’s kingdom while King Mpande was still alive, and then going […]

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Ulwazi Fieldworkers: March

Each month we do a wrap up of what our Ulwazi fieldworkers have been researching, and this month it’s clear that Siboniso’s work had a definite theme, with the majority of his stories focusing on Zulu traditions surrounding death. Click on the links below to read about the isihlangu ceremony that’s performed after the death of a male family […]

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The ZCC badge worn by members of the church

The Zion Christian Church

Most people associate the Shembes with KwaZulu-Natal, but as the largest Christian denomination in South Africa, the Zion Christian Church also has a big following in KZN. Both the Shembes and the Zionists can trace their roots back to the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM).  Isaiah Shembe was a member of the AFM for about a year in the Orange Free […]

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Making a Traditional Zulu Pot

Next week an exhibition of clay pots opens at the KZNSA Gallery. A collaboration between the gallery and Phansi Museum in Glenwood, the exhibition, KZN Clay Vessels Over Time, is a celebration of 100 year of clay masters. And masters they really are! With clay pots being used for everything from storing maize and water, […]

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Indigenous Languages Publishing Programme

A recent report showed that only 6% of the children’s books published in South Africa between 2000 and 2015 were printed in isiZulu, and if you think about the fact that nearly a quarter of our population are Zulu speakers, the situation is far from ideal. Aside from the sociological and psychological issues associated with […]

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