Durban Living Legend – Sam Pillay

Durban Living Legend-Sam Pillay

Political activist Sam Pillay was born in Mayville, Durban in 1957. At the age of seventeen he founded the youth club Sunshine. As a member of the South African Democratic Teacher Union (SADTU) and United Democratic Front (UDF) he played an active role in the anti-apartheid movement and was instrumental in setting up ANC structures in Chatsworth, Durban.

Community involvement
He is member of ANC, the Parent Association of KZN-Chatsworth, the Kharwastan Civic Association, Chatsworth Youth Centre and the Anti-Drug Forum. He was one of the co-founders of the Friends of RK Khan Hospital (FORKK), formed in 2003, committing himself to raising funds for the organisation to help the sick and infirm. He is currently the Chairperson of the Anti-Drug Forum, an organisation aiming to create awareness around the issue of drug abuse and the elimination thereof. He is a recipient of the Paul Harris Rotary Award and the High Noon Rotary Award.

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