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Picture by Sumaya Hisham

Picture by Sumaya Hisham

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu must be one of South Africa’s most loved public figures! A good friend of late president Nelson Mandela, and long-time social and political activist, Tutu has never shied away from the public light, but uses his fame to good use, often speaking up when no one else is prepared to. At the age of 82 the Archbishop still has a very full calendar, so when local photojournalist, Sumaya Hisham, spent three weeks following the Archbishop for her photographic exhibition, Tutu, she was amazed at how little private time Tutu enjoys! Hisham has been documenting Tutu’s public life for the past five years, but was honoured to be given access to his private life to capture the more intimate moments he shares with his family, friends and colleagues. The exhibition, which is on show at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town until the 5th of September, is divided into three parts: A man at prayer, a man at work, a man at rest. Photographs from the exhibition will be sold to raise funds to fix the roof of the St George’s Cathedral, where Tutu holds Church services on Fridays, and also to assist with the work of the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation.

Click here to watch a short clip about this fascinating photographic exhibition that offers a rare insight into one of South Africa’s most celebrated hero’s.

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