Durban Living Legend – Bhekizizwe William ‘Willie’ Mtolo

Durban Living Legend-Bhekizizwe William ‘Willie’ Mtolo

The South African running legend Willie Mtolo was born in Kilmon in 1965 and grew up in Hillcrest. He is a former New York Marathon winner and two times runner-up of the Comrades Marathon. Willie Mtolo has participated in more than 23 marathons in South Africa and around the world.

He has won nine marathons, including the J.S.E. Marathon (1985), S.A. Marathon (1988), Ford Marathon (1988), Two Oceans Marathon (1990), Peninsula Marathon (1990), Rotterdam Marathon (1993), Kosice Marathon (1998), Macau Marathon (2000) and Hong Kong Marathon (2001). Mtolo currently organises charity runs for peace in the townships and has opened his own athletic academy called Willie Athletic Club.


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